Weight Loss “Tricks” That Don’t Actually Work

Few people know that in the science of food and especially in the science of slimming (if there is a “science” of slimming) there is no universality. What makes me lose weight may not make you lose weight.

And even dieticians and nutritionists sometimes go too far in dietary recommendations, proposing extreme diets or solutions that will not lead their patients to lose weight and keep the weight fit forever.

Here are Weight Loss “Tricks” That Don’t Actually Work.

Fasting to lose weight

I’ve always been against skipping meals if we’re hungry. Fasting is not for everyone. It increases nervous hunger and triggers the compensatory binge at the next meal. It is also an excellent way to slow down the metabolism.

You will tell me: but how does intermittent fasting not increase your metabolism? Opinions are still divided. I think the key is stress If fasting stresses us out, it is much better to learn to eat when we are hungry than to skip a meal.




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