15 Ways Dogs Show Their Love For You. Do You Recognize Them?

Let us say immediately that this is not an easy topic to deal with. How to understand if the dog loves me? How to understand if the dog sees me as leader of the pack? The problem lies in the fact that when we ask ourselves such a thing we reason in human and not canine terms.

The love of the dog for man cannot be understood in a human sense, we are talking about two different species, we should adapt the concept of human love by shaping it with the canine mind. Also because very often we attribute to human gestures and postures a human meaning, while in reality, they mean something quite different.

Without speaking our dog can show affection in different ways … maybe you don’t understand! He wants to tell you that he is happy but you don’t know it! Here are 15 Ways Dogs Show Their Love For You.

1. When your dog brings you its favourite game!

dogs love you

When your best friend brings you his favourite game it doesn’t just mean he wants to play with you but hides a deeper meaning.


Clearly it is an act of love in itself but sees you as a natural leader, relies on you to play. In his eyes, you like this toy as much as he does, so he expects to share it with you.