Turn your kitchen into a place of meditative serenity


It seems to be more important than ever to create a lifestyle that promotes well-being, and starting from one of the busiest rooms in your home is certainly not a bad idea. Above all, the kitchen is a hive of activity, but while kitchens support a variety of different functions in the household, they have a tendency to become disorganised and chaotic if left unmanaged.


The modest use of energetic, bright yellows is ideal for kitchens, but pale, muted colours will help to make sure your mind is kept grounded. Blue, for example, is a natural, soothing colour that encourages creativity. It is associated with natural elements, such as water and the sky, helping to keep your thoughts clear and calm. Combine blue ceramics with warm woods for an equally elegant and soothing palette.

Add open shelving

A fantastic way to display your favourite plates or glasses – you can even bring some greenery directly to the kitchen with bundles of herbs.

It’s important to know what you want to show off, as this will affect the desired height and sturdiness of the shelves.

This is an opportunity to add those warm wood tones to your kitchen, so consider using natural wood for your open shelving. However, the use of different materials can give your kitchen a unique touch, so don’t be afraid of a little chrome (as long as you don’t overdo it) to go with the softer blue and wooden tones.

Freshen up worktops and sinks

 Replacing old, damaged worktops can make a big impact on the appearance of your kitchen and can be considered a relatively cheap DIY project in comparison to a complete renovation. Using a wooden worktop as a place where people might stop for a bite to eat, and perhaps a light-blue quartz-effect worktop as a protective surface to surround the cooking and sink areas.

Keeping everything in its right place

Leave open shelves for storing just your most used kitchen items – making sure to leave enough room for everything to be put in its right place. By placing your most commonly needed kitchen items within arm’s reach, your mind will need to work less in order to complete day to day tasks. By keeping healthy foods, such as wholegrain pastas, brown rice, and beans, in glass jars next to these items, your display reminds you to take care of your body. Efficiency and beauty work in combination here to achieve a mindful, but simple result.

Think pure, think green

Keeping plants in your kitchen helps to purify the air, leading to clearer thinking and a healthier body – try aloe vera and lillies. The soothing routine of watering these plants only adds to your sense of serenity in the kitchen.

Don’t forget, humans are social creatures

Invite your friends round and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with them, without sealing yourself in the kitchen. Cook or bake food to share, people are more relaxed when they can serve themselves and you’ll actualy be able to play a more active role within the group.


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