Top 10 Psychological Tricks to Make Others Like You

Friendships usually arise spontaneously. You do not realize exactly how it came about. At times in your life, you meet people you would like to befriend. You may also feel distant from people and want to be closer to them or just want people to like you.

In all these cases, you can use the following tricks. Psychological research has shown that they contribute to the faster development of better relationships with people. And then hope they still like you when they find out you’ve used these tricks for it…

10. Act as you like them


The principle of reciprocity means that if we think someone else likes us, we tend to like them too. In a psychological experiment, subjects were told that certain members of a group discussion probably liked them.

These members were chosen by chance by the test leader. However, after the group discussion, the subjects indicated that they liked the members who probably liked them the most. If you show another person that you like the other person, they will most likely also like you.




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