7 Golden Tips To Stop Snacking

The snack at the office machine and the one was taken in the street, on the subway, in the motorway or at the train station. And also sweets, cakes and sweets that are in the pantry of the house, and the ones we put in our backpacks when we go out in the morning and the ones we don’t stop munching in the evening, in front of the TV.

And it is (almost) never about the need to eat something to recharge your energy: often munching on something has more to do with emotional, psychological, social aspects or bad habits. And so, since snacks contribute a quarter of our caloric intake, here are 7 Golden Tips To Stop Snacking during your day.

1. Drink more water


When you were kids, did they tell you that drinking a glass of water helped reduce hunger outside of meals? Well, it seems that strange advice wasn’t wrong at all. Drinking water can actually increase your sense of satiety, and could also help you lose weight as a result.

When the stomach feels full, it sends signals to the brain that it is time to stop eating. Water can therefore help to take up space in the stomach, leading to a feeling of fullness and reducing the appetite accordingly. And let’s not forget that a person might think that they are hungry when they are thirsty, so before you snack unnecessarily, try drinking a glass of water.




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