5 tips to bring harmony to your home décor

home décor

Interior decoration, what does this mean? Who wouldn’t want a warm house with a unique and beautiful home décor?

But it’s not as simple as it seems. Even if you feel like you have a decorator side, you have to face the facts: a successful design requires more than knowing how to choose a beautiful chair, a designer sofa or a paint colour for the living room wall.

Just copying ideas from Pinterest is useless when we don’t know how to achieve that elusive ‘look’ we’ve been longing for. The house is more than just a place we want to make beautiful – it’s a place we spend a lot of time using, too. You can’t simply concentrate on the aesthetics whilst ignoring its functional use. Moreover, fashions and trends won’t work universally in all homes, nor will they match all personalities – a white linen sofa from a home décor magazine is not exactly ideal when you have young children at home. In spite of all this, it is possible to create a harmonious atmosphere that works for you, by bearing in mind some simple, but essential tips!

  1. Let in as much natural light as possible

You may have heard this time and time again, but that’s because it’s one of the most important points to consider for any interior design project. Investing in bay windows could be the most significant change you make to your home – they are a source of significant natural light and allow an opening to the natural world outside.

  1. Go for simple, neutral tones

Don’t try to paint a wall in an unusual colour just to make a statement – painting your bathroom bright orange is never a good idea. Grey is popular and can make a piece of furniture very contemporary – even charming – while cooling the space. When in doubt, opt for neutral and earthier tones. White walls may sound bland, but they actually enlarge the space and accentuate your decoration and accessories.

  1. Decoration

Unsure of how to choose objects and accessories to decorate your home? Start by studying the space available to you. No need to add accessories everywhere – minimalism is always better when you don’t really know what to put where. Avoid paintings of countries you’ve never visited or photos of celebrities you don’t know – decorations are a way to personalise your home and should show your personality. A nice way to add colour and a touch of warmth to your home is to invest in cushions. Make space for a beautiful bookshelf which can house your books, trinkets and plants.

  1. The plants

Having a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table and some houseplants always makes a room more warm and friendly. For those who don’t have a green thumb, succulents and cacti are your new best friends, as they require absolute minimal care. Furthermore, seasonal flowers provide a great way to create new décor and spruce things up if you feel tired of how things look. A simple way to showcase a new look without having to spend loads of money on heavy furniture!

  1. Avoid clutter

Just because you find a pretty table, it doesn’t mean it will work well in your home. And if you have just bought a new home, it doesn’t mean you have to buy every piece of furniture you find beautiful. Think about the size of each room and your needs from them. Think about the essentials, and with experience, you may add new items that fit your personal style. As with everything – less is more!

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