10 Things Tourists Must Avoid When Travelling In Europe

Travelling to Europe is always an unforgettable experience, even if is the first time. In Europe – indeed – you can meet new cultures and learn new traditions. What you need to know is that Europeans are most welcoming to tourists, but some of them can’t stand with usual and annoying behaviours that tourists shows as soon as they arrive.

Below are the 10 Things Tourists Must Avoid When Travelling In Europe. So, if you want to respect the locals and avoid any confrontations, check our list below!

10. Drink to muck and act rowdy


To Avoid Travelling Europe

Drinking culture is different in each European country. In some nation drinking vodka, wine or beer is very common. But you need to know that there are some countries where locals get drunk in public as a daily routine. Getting drunk and acting rowdy can be one of the most common ways to be identified as a tourist.

If you don’t want to have problems with locals you need to avoid to cause problems, even if you drink a bit more. Getting drunk can be a serious way to annoy locals.




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