9 Things That Will Ruin Your Skin

Ruin may be a big word but be careful if you do any of the following. You might want to look after your skin a little better, because doing these things really isn’t good for your skin.

In addition to the standard stories that you shouldn’t go to bed with makeup and apply foundation too often, there are many more things that can damage your skin without you even noticing.

9. Bad Ingredients


Typically, no one looks precisely at what’s in a shower gel or peeling. We assume almost immediately that it is good. But what you probably don’t know, is that it’s very likely that there is an ingredient in one of the products you use that can easily irritate your skin, while another product does not bother you. For example, you have to be careful with products that contain sulphates.

If the products you use contain a large amount, it may be that the product removes natural fats from your skin. You simply need the natural fats to keep your skin protected against dehydration and infections. Other ingredients that might irritate your skin are perfume and essential oils. These ingredients are added to give the product a pleasant smell and enhance the customer’s experience with these products, but people with sensitive skin might not react too well to these ingredients.




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