Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now

Being washed often

For humans, it is normal to wash every day, but for dogs, it is not because they clean themselves in their own way and need their own smell to communicate with other dogs. Washing them too often is not a good habit. It is one thing to clean them because they have become very dirty and another to bathe them every third for two with smells covering their staff. Also, the products that are used may have an excessive fragrance which, as seen in the first point, disturbs them.

It’s okay to bathe your dog in the house or take him to the toilet every now and then, the important thing is not to do it often or more than once a month because, in addition to needing their own smell to be able to communicate with others, this also damages the natural layers of skin protection, causing health problems in dogs. You can give your dog a bath, but without overdoing it.




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