Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now

Excess kisses and hugs

There are many things that are normal for us and that we like to do to our four-legged friends, such as caressing them, hugging them and giving them lots of kisses. Dogs, however, do not see these gestures as we do, because for them it is not a natural behaviour, since they do not hug or kiss each other.

As far as hugs are concerned, they can see them as a game, but up to a certain point, because they feel blocked since for them putting their paws on a similar one means to establish their own dominion. Although there are some very affectionate and somewhat submissive dogs who accept and love hugs, most do not love them. Kisses, on the other hand, can be seen as their licking. Dogs lick for many reasons, such as showing submission. Sometimes, when we kiss them, they may realize that we are one step below them, confusing and destabilizing them.

It is all very well to hug and kiss the dog, but these actions should not be the norm, let alone repeat themselves too much. If your dog doesn’t like contact too much, he will show it to you by getting nervous, lowering his ears or showing his teeth.




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