Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now

To be stared into the eyes, grab them by the muzzle and tap them on the head

One of the things dogs hate about their owners is when they look them in the eye. If you have, you may have noticed that they change the direction of their gaze or, in other cases, support it and then start grunting. Prolonged eye contact for dogs is synonymous with a challenge: the one who looks away is the submissive and the one who keeps it is dominant. It is dangerous to stare into the eyes of dogs who do not know each other because they may be aggressive. It is one thing to cross your eyes and another to stare at them, making them feel challenged, try not to do so in order not to annoy them.

Two other things that owners or people, in general, do with dogs, is to take their muzzle to caress them or tap them on the head: these are actions that dogs can’t stand. In the first case, in fact, they feel stuck, trapped. The tapping on the head, on the other hand, bothers them and can also hurt them. The hand above the head is seen as a synonym of domination and the tapping makes them very agitated. They are normal gestures for us, but for them, they take on completely different meanings, so we should try to limit them. If you want to get close to pet a dog, it is better to do it from the side, without staring at it and extending your hand slightly to make you smell and recognise it.




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