Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now

Talk a lot without using body language

Often you talk to your dog to communicate with him, but if you do it too much and without using short gestures or words that your dog can learn and connect to something, you only risk stressing and nagging him. In fact, it will be difficult for him to understand what you want to say to him and he will get nervous. Dogs prefer to see gestures and listen to a few short sounds. If you want him to obey, use exactly the same words he learned in training.

Dogs understand human emotions, but they are even easier to understand if we use body language and a specific tone of voice. They cannot understand all of our verbal language, but they can learn basic words that are impossible to teach them. Talking a lot without using body language confuses dogs, so you should learn how to talk to your dog using multiple gestures. Give it a try: Spend a whole day without saying a word to your dog, but gesture without exaggeration and try to make yourself understood through body language. You can whistle if necessary, but try not to say anything to your dog. You will see that you can understand each other perfectly and you will notice him more relaxed.




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