Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now

As in all relationships, there are misunderstandings between dogs and owners, even if it is often difficult to realize them. To avoid these problems with your faithful friend, you will need to ask a series of questions and analyse certain situations. It is very important to know how dogs think, what they need physically and psychologically and what bothers them.

To help you, here is a list of Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now.

Loud noises and smells

The hairdryer, the vacuum cleaner, the cars, the barrels, the sneezes, the cough, an object that falls making a lot of noise, any loud noise bothers and frightens the dogs. It is normal since they have a very developed hearing that allows them to hear noises and sounds that humans do not perceive. They are also much more sensitive to vibrations than we are. For this reason, a noise that bothers you definitely frightens a dog. Obviously, if it is used to hearing noises from an early age, its behaviour will be different, but most people get scared and hate noises.

Strong smells are also annoying to dogs. As well as hearing, dogs’ sense of smell is much more developed than that of humans. When you smell a strong smell, you should know that it is very annoying to your dog, especially if it comes from personal hygiene or household cleaning products because they irritate the animal’s nasal passages and make them sneeze. If it is a food smell, however, your dog will start asking you to share the food with him.

Whenever possible, you should try to avoid frightening your dog with loud noises and if the noises are not your fault but, for example, the area you live in, you should try to get your dog used to them. Also, avoid using strong smelling products in his presence and ventilate the areas where you used them before you let him in.




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