The 12 Best Movies of 2019

 We have heard people saying that this was a great year for movies, and in a way, we actually agree. These 12 movies are films that can easily be revisited in the years to come. When we look back over this year, we can find plenty of good movies that deserve your attention but we wanted to mention the ones that were particularly impressive. And also we believe that year-end lists should be functional and helpful for folks who don’t get to see 100 movies in a year.

If you want to know if there are only 12 movies you should see in this year, it should be this twelve. Go ahead and find out which movies made this 2019 and you you definitely should watch!

12. Avengers: Endgame



“Avengers Endgame” may not have been the best Marvel movie, but it certainly became a cultural phenomenon. not only it become the highest-grossing movie of all time, but it also reinvented the way people see the number 3,000. The “I love you, 3,000” line in the movie became an instant fan favorite used to describe an outpouring of love for over a decade of movies from Marvel Studios.

If you are a fan of Marvel and have been following along with all the other 21 Marvel movies before it, the impressive three-hour roller coaster is very satisfying with nods to the universe throughout. The last 40 minutes of “Avengers: Endgame” are full of action that will excite you before punching you in the gut and leaving you in tears.




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