10 Kind Of Instagram Photos Celebrities Use Most

Instagram Photos Celebrities Overdo

Instagram is fantastic, isn’t it? A perfect platform for artists to show their craft, for influencers to remind us that they exist and individuals with fascinating hobbies to reveal the way they can do what they love. Regrettably, Instagram has been invaded. Invaded by the evilest type, the kind that blows up the clicks and kisses of this Instagram community only with their simple presence –we are talking about celebrities. They post daily a lot of pics. Here are the 10 Kind Of Instagram Photos Celebrities Overdo. 10. Luxury Hotel Room…

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“Instagram Vs. Reality”: 15 Photos That Prove Everything is a Lie

"Instagram Vs. Reality": 15 Photos That Prove Everything is a Lie

We all know that Instagram is only a fiction of what our life really is, what we share on it is an idealized version of ourselves, cherry-picking only the best pictures, thoughts and experiences. But sometimes this concept is taken to the extreme, especially by celebrities. They bombard their followers with photoshopped images that are so far from reality that make people doubt about the authenticity of their bodies and features. The problem is that seeing these images will lead people to strive for unrealistic bodies or perfect skins at…

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7 World’s Most Instagrammed Cities

instagrammed cities

There was a time when the expression “Come and see the holiday pics” echoed like a dark threat in the ears of friends and relatives. A time when the evenings passed by video-projector and unlikely descriptions about exotic landscapes, typical dishes and pleasant anecdotes that left stunning and discomfort. That time has passed: now the pics are loaded and can be seen comfortably on your mobile device and have taken the name of Instagram posts of travel bloggers. Here below a list of the most Instagrammed cities. London   London…

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