Some Of The Species Most At Risk From Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

Australia’s continuing bushfire catastrophe has taken a huge toll on wildlife, with enormous quantities of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and other species murdered.

The government declared $50m to assist rescue and protect wildlife affected by the catastrophe and environment groups published a listing of fauna species where they hold instant concerns. However, the record is far from comprehensive and there will not be a crystal clear picture of the degree of the effect on animal and plant life until specialists can get fire-ravaged habitats and run evaluations.

These are the species Most At Risk From Australia’s Bushfire Crisis.

Kangaroo Island dunnart


Species Most At Risk From Australia's Bushfire Crisis

Even before the fires, there were worries for the future of the Kangaroo Island dunnart, a small marsupial found nowhere else in Australia.

The species has been listed as endangered under national environmental legislation and there are fears the fires could have wiped from the animals. Ecologists have talked about how cameras that they set up to monitor the species in its own habitat melted in the flames.




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