9 Of The Scariest Virus Outbreaks In Movies

Quarantine, pandemics, deserted roads, deadly fluids. The cinematographic genre of contagion is rather consolidated. Here are the titles not to be missed in the days of the coronavirus.

While the whole world wonders how many deaths the coronavirus will make and when it can be arrested, to keep anxiety at bay nothing better than facing the enemy and watching a good movie about lethal virus outbreaks.

Below 10 Of The Scariest Virus Outbreaks In Movies.

9. Outbreak


Scariest Virus Outbreaks In Movies

Dustin Hoffman is the leader of a team that discovers a more fearsome virus than Ebola, which reappeared after 30 years in Africa where he had been identified and eradicated with a bomb by the Americans.

The premises of this 1995 film are credible (the mutation of the virus, the transmission from animal to man and then between people by air), but the development is from a Hollywood blockbuster: to avoid the military destruction of the US town where has spread, Hoffman must track down the healthy carrier of the disease and encourage the development of a cure.




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