Royal Exes: All The Ladies Prince Harry Met Before Meghan Markle

A lot of us dream of one day marrying a prince and living out the ultimate fairytale, and again in the day Prince Harry and Prince William gave us hope that it could actually happen for us.

They had been the eligible bachelors of the Royal Family, and everybody wanted a part of those. Of course, only the select few got the chance to see the inside of the Royal chambers, and just a few girls have been able to predict Prince William or Harry their own boyfriend. At least, until they awakened with them.

Below all All The Ladies Prince Harry Met Before Meghan Markle.

Caroline Flack


Harry Met Before Meghan

Caroline Flack is among the most well-known television presenters in the UK, along together with her beauty and talent in tow, it must come as no real surprise to learn she had been connected to Prince Harry if he had been at his prime.

In reality, the news they were relationship came out in 2009, but they’d really been dating for several weeks prior to the news broke the world wide web. But they cooled off things when their tête-à-tête was no more a mystery since Caroline did not want to be called his girlfriend.




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