Richest Families: Top 10 In The Show Business

There are some families that dominate the show business industry for generations.

They are the proof that often talent, money and power walk together. Some of these dynasties have been in the industry since the silent movies, and they are still running it with their multi-billionaire net worth. Other families, instead, made their way in this industry more recently, thanks to the reality shows or with several efforts.

But the main question here is what is the actual worth of these families? Some of them have built billionaire fortunes that are still growing. Let’s find out more about the top ten wealthiest families in the show business.

10. Chaplin Family – $215,000,000


richest families show business

Charlie Chaplin is one of the most illustrious names of the film industry. He played in more than 130 movies, some of which, like The Great Dictator and Modern Times, are considered the best films of all time. However, his movies are not the only heritage he left, but he also had 11 children and eight of them were involved in the show industry.

One of his daughters, Geraldine, is an award-nominated actress who starred in movies like Chaplin. His granddaughter, Oona, had an essential role in Game of Thrones. These means that even though Mr Chaplin died more than 50 years ago his family continues to stay in the movie industry keeping up to his name.




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