Harry&Meghan Quit the Royals. 10 Rare Photos Of Meghan Before Becoming A Duchess

Usually, we forget that Meghan before becoming a duchess was a normal girl, with a normal life. As all her peers, she used to post pics of her daily life on Instagram, that have been deleted to respect the royal rules.

Now that Meghan and Harry decided to quit the Royals, let’s have a look to 10 Rare Photos Of Meghan Markle’s Life Before Becoming A Duchess.

10. Partying days


Rare Photos Of Meghan Markle's Life Before Becoming A Duchess.

For this pic of Meghan’s partying lifestyle, we have to thank her friends. Meghan seems to love partying, and we can imagine how much has been hard for her to regret it living a conservative life as the Royal rules impose.

Harry also loved to party in his younger days but today, he’s leading a quieter lifestyle due to the media scandals. Markle lived it up in her college days and in this particular photo, she was on her way into a graduation celebration. Ninaki did share other photographs of the night that included group shots, but in this picture, Meghan is all smiles and seems like she is having the best night. The outfit is not all that flashy and is really very tame for a night out, but it’s still brief and Markle certainly looks her age.




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