Poisonous Foods We Eat Every Day

When it comes to nutrition, we feel touched deep down. But do you know that dangerous, potentially poisonous foods end up on our tables every day?

Many common foods in fact contain dangerous toxins that it would be better to avoid. These are foods that we eat every day without knowing that, in some parts or if taken in massive doses, they can be poisonous, in very rare cases lethal. Do you want to know more? Click through the slides to see the 9 Poisonous Foods We Eat Every Day.

9. Apples


Even if apples are considered, by definition, the saluted fruit, in a proverbial way, there is a part of it that must not be consumed. In the seeds of apples, in fact, is present the same amygdalin, a toxic substance that we have mentioned as dangerous talking about bitter almonds.

In any case, even this indication is strongly educational and certainly not alarmist: before a possible negative effect in a serious way we would accuse symptoms of indigestion. Our body has very strong natural defences even against substances that it considers poisonous and reacts accordingly.




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