23 Of The Most Expensive Pets That Only Rich People Can Own

The rich can afford everything out of an expensive car to a lavish mansion. The very wealthy are famous for purchasing the very best clothes and product. Some like to spend their cash on a fleet of cars or a cupboard of shoes. The wealthy are also known for owning a wide variety of pets. In most cases, those wealthy pets live better than many humans. There are a few that possess a unique pet that most people can not purchase at a pet shop. The wealthy will break the bank to buy one of those extraordinary pets.

The average person could just dream of owning a costly animal. Some of these pets are common household pets while others are very unique. The rich can afford to purchase any type of pricey pet they desire. Not only do these pets cost a fortune but the annual costs are through the roof. But for the wealthy, it is no problem in any way. These would be the most costly, rare and stunning pets in the world. Here’s a list of 23 of the Most Expensive Pets that Just rich people Can Afford.

23. Tiger Cubs


expensive pets

It is important to remember that Tiger Cubs might be cute today but they are one day going to become a vicious tiger. Tigers are deadly and terrifying creatures but Tiger Cubs are just so darn cute. Having a tiger or cub is prohibited in many places but there are a number of places where it’s legal. It safe to say goodbye is a lousy idea.

Tiger cubs cost approximately $2,500 to purchase but that’s only the start of costs. It costs around $10,000 a year to take care of the cubs.


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