The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Deep down, we are all obsessed with celebrity’s love lives, especially when it comes to engagements. We all know that people are all suckers for engagement rings. The thing about it is that the longer you read about them, the more skewed your perception of “expensive” becomes. A ring that racked up a £150,000 receipt is no longer considered to be worth a second glance when you compare it to one that costs £7 million. In reality, though, nearly every celebrity engagement ring is absurdly beautiful, large and therefore, pricey.

But out of all the engagement rings, we want to know which ones are the most expensive ever, so let’s count down the 10 most expensive celebrity engagement rings!

10. Hilary Duff


The actress and singer Hilary Duff started her career with the Disney show Lizzy McGuire and made her way into our hearts. Many expected her to go down a rough path, as it often happens with young people rising to fame and making a fortune, she kept going strong.

Back in 2010, Hilary was engaged to retired NHL player Mike Comrie. Despite the fact that they ended up getting divorced, we guess Comrie probably had high expectations for the marriage. Expectations were so high that he dropped $1 million on a 14-carat princess-cut ring!




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