The 10 Most Beautiful Subway Stations Across The World

Who loves spending extra time in a subway station more than necessary? Maybe no one. And who can blame us? Subway stations, indeed, looks usually dirty and in some case are rat-infested.

But, if you love spending time in the metro station, you need to know that across the World you can find some station that could be considered as a masterpiece for their cultural relevance and visual impact.

Where are they located? Here the 10 Most Beautiful Subway Stations Across The World.

10. Formosa Boulevard Station – Kaohsiung (Taiwan)


Most Beautiful Subway Stations

This station is known as the dome of lighting, dubbed to be the most significant glass work in the world and is overly impressive. It was designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quaglianta and took more than four years to complete. The dome crosses over 30 meters in diameters and contains over 4,500 coloured glass panels which were sent all the way from Germany.

The general message of the piece of artwork is love and tolerance and was designed to relate to the narrative of human life. The themes include water, ground, light and fire. This station is also home to an impressive 3-D art installation accomplished by successful 3-D street artist Su Chia-hsien which has faded through the years but nevertheless worth a look. Try to avoid rush hour so as to acquire the best images of this impressive metro station.




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