Luxury Meals That Were Once “Poor Man’s” Food

Try to think of all those foods that today we consider pure luxury: truffles, fine cuts of meat, lobsters, some liqueurs. Real delicacies, but also treats to be indulged in just a few specific occasions, a prize to be enjoyed with the utmost attention and to be sip with great wisdom.

Well, try instead to think that much of what today is considered a gastronomic status symbol, was once considered barely edible, almost disgusting, often food for the poorest. Here are Luxury Meals That Were Once “Poor Man’s” Food.



Yes, that’s right, absurd but true: in the mid-nineteenth century, it was believed that lobster was almost inedible, something to be put on the table only in case of extreme need – alias: zero resources and insatiable hunger.

The delicate crustacean is just the first of many luxury foods that have had a much less fortunate past: these, according to the New Yorker, are all the delicacies that have been reassessed throughout history.




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