Kitchen Utensils You Must Always Disinfect

The kitchen is one of the most “delicate” places in the house and must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly if you do not want to contaminate the food you eat. There are some everyday objects that we almost never wash out of forgetfulness and carelessness and it is there that germs and bacteria easily lurk, encouraging the onset of allergies, irritations and health problems.

The broom, the grater, the dish sponges: do you know how to make everything perfectly hygienic? Here are the tips to follow to use impeccably disinfected objects and utensils on a daily basis.

1. Broom and dustpan


The dirtiest objects that are regularly used in the kitchen and that are hardly ever washed? The broom and dustpan.

Both can be put in the dishwasher to be disinfected in the blink of an eye: the former needs to be washed at a low temperature so as not to spoil the bristles, while the latter can be sanitised at higher temperatures.




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