Is actually keto diet good for you? Pros and Cons!

Recently many of our visitors have been asking about “keto-diet”, so we prepared an article explaining how it works and is it actually good for you. The weight-loss plan “keto” on everyone’s A-list nowadays.

Keto-diet implies an almost complete rejection of carbohydrates for you. A sufficiently large number of different nutrition systems can be considered a keto diet – both a carbohydrate-free diet and a protein diet. All of them are responsible and involved in the control of carbohydrates in order to lose weight and normalize metabolism.

The essence of the keto diet is that it forces the body to use, as a main source of energy, but ketones (a product of fat metabolism). After 3-4 days of a complete rejection of carbohydrates, the body enters ketosis, starting to burn fat reserves. Click next to find out what to think about if starting a Keto Diet.


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