iPhone 11: All You Need To Know!

Apple just launched the iPhone 11, here you can find all you need to know about its new baby!

The iPhone 11 is basically a successor to the iPhone XR, with a few new upgrades; the most relevant is about the two cameras on the back of the phone rather than just one. According to Apple, with this new feature, you will get the highest quality photos and videos ever. But let’s discover more in-depth the new iPhone 11!



new iphone 11

The new dual-camera system allows you to take not wide but ultra-wide photos. The redesigned interface now uses an ultra-wide camera to show you what is happening outside the frame, almost four times more scene, so it’s perfect to capture an entire stage at your favourite music festival.

The new camera is also perfect to take portraits because it now works with everything you like to shoot, one, two or even 4 people. Apple further introduced the new night-mode that turns on automatically for low-light pictures so you don’t need to use the flash. Last but not least, there is a new slow-motion option for the internal camera, so you can take a ‘selfie’, as Apple is calling them.


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