Insomnia? 8 Smart Tips To Fall Asleep Faster

You know the situation: you’re in your bed, eyes wide open looking at the dark ceiling, not an ounce of sleep. You turn on your side, you turn on the other, you fix the pillow but nothing to do, you keep on staying awake.

Falling asleep requires a relaxed body and mind, which can be a real challenge in a hectic life. We all have tricks for falling asleep. If you are looking for new inspiration, here are 8 Smart Tips To Fall Asleep Faster

8. Hide the clock


You turn and turn around, trying to fall asleep, watching the hands ticking towards the morning. Does this scene look familiar? Do yourself a favour: hide the clock.

Constantly checking the time only increases stress, making it difficult to turn off your nervous system and sleep. Staring at the clock will increase your stress and worry that you can’t fall asleep.




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