How To Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles?

How To Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles?

Eye care allows you to extend the youth of the skin and create a favorable impression of the appearance of a person.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. This well-known expression emphasizes the great importance of the eyes not only as an organ of vision, but also as an important detail in appearance, which reflects the state of mental and physical health of a person, and is also often a determining factor in its attractiveness.

Proper skincare around the eyes includes several directions. Special products around the eyes can be applied both in the morning and in the evening.

How to care for the skin around the eyes?

The condition of the skin around the eyes directly depends on the person’s lifestyle. But it is also important to know how to care around your eyes correctly so as not to harm your skin. In order for the thinnest skin around the eyes to remain supple, toned, and have an even flesh color, it is necessary first of all to get enough sleep. In addition to sleep, balanced nutrition is extremely important in this matter, which takes into account not only the composition of the food consumed but also the regimen of its intake: eating the pickled mushrooms or salted herring at night will be most detrimental to the skin around the eyes.

The condition of the skin in general and the skin around the eyes, in particular, are affected by smoking and alcohol abuse. It should be remembered that for this area of ​​the face special cosmetics are required, and the use of conventional face preparations, whether cleansing, moisturizing or nourishing, is unacceptable. You should purchase cosmetics intended only for the care of the skin around the eyes, and select creams, lotions, and tonics in accordance with age recommendations. Because of the danger of premature wrinkles near the eyes, you should watch your facial expressions and try not to frown or squint, and to wear dark glasses with protection against ultraviolet rays on sunny days.

Young women under 25 years old are recommended to choose light, moisturizing and tonic products for skincare around the eyes.

For women over 25 years old, it is advisable to start to use skin nutrition and easy lifting remedies.

After 40 years, it is better to do a deeper lifting. Often, the eyelids swell due to what was eaten or drunk the day before, which indicates an excessive accumulation of fluid in the layer of adipose tissue around the orbit, that is, in periorbital tissue.

You should not remove signs of fatigue and swelling around the eyes by rubbing a cube of ice, which can injure the thin and delicate skin of this area. It is better to refresh the area around the eyes with slices of cucumber or cotton pads moistened with cold water.

The best way is to relax with a gel mask over the eyes. Cooled gel mask-glasses relieve fatigue, reduces swelling around the eyes, warm – relaxes.

The qualified help of specialists should not be neglected, especially in adulthood.

However, even with early aging, the doctor can prescribe a course of mesotherapy, in which an introduction to the skin is performed substances that moisturize the skin and activate the recovery and smoothing process. With the help of Botox injection, the cosmetologist will help get rid of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, and the plastic surgeon of method blepharoplasty will be able to permanently remove the “bags” under the eyes.

It is necessary to remember firmly what should not be done:

  • go to bed without removing makeup from the eyes. To remove cosmetics, use special gels, lotions, lotion, etc .;
  • apply eyelids for the face, which often contain flowing oils that can cause irritation in the eyes;
  • use oily products for the eyelids that block the access of oxygen, as a result of which fluid accumulates in the skin of the eyelids, and their surface acquires an unaesthetic oily sheen.


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