How To Calm Anxiety In 8 Natural Ways

We have a “black cloud” that follows us and doesn’t leave us. The heart beats fast and seems to want to get out of the chest, the breath is irregular, the mind is constantly whirling thoughts. In short, we suffer from anxiety.

What to do, then? In order to find calm and balance we can resort to some natural remedies: plants and flowers with calming properties that can accompany us to the rediscovery of tranquillity. Or we can concentrate on ourselves, on our breath, on our body. Here 8 Natural Ways To Calm Anxiety.



It’s the best-known remedy. When we feel a little anxious, we run and make ourselves a nice chamomile tea. And we often feel better. This is because the plant has sedative properties, thanks to the presence of flavonols. Some components are able to act on receptors in the brain in almost the same way as some drugs, such as Valium.

In addition to helping to calm anxiety, chamomile is also used as a natural remedy against gastric and digestive disorders and menstrual pain. According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia, patients who suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and who took chamomile tea for eight weeks saw their symptoms progressively relieve.




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