12 Everyday Gadgets Target For Hackers

Just when you thought it was safe to use your computer, hackers have figured out how to attack regular items. Your printer, your cellphone – even the blender on your kitchen – can be hacked and used against you.

And at the not-too-distant long run, as the medical field makes improvements with machine-to-human interfaces, your body and mind could be in danger.

Here are 12 regular items that are open to new attacks from offenders.

1. GPS


GPS uses orbiting satellites to route traffic. Hackers would have difficulty causing trouble with those satellites. Nevertheless, the bad men can get a GPS device as it downloads updates across the Web — then can install a remote access tool and track your whereabouts.

Offenders who tap into your GPS could send one to a shady location, like an empty warehouse, and then rob you. Hackers also use GPS jammers, readily available on the internet, that confuse the sign and can lead to traffic jams and driver mistakes.




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