10 Forbidden Destinations Around The World You Can Never Visit

Due to the increasing use of technologies, it seems quite impossible to know that a few areas of the world are still unexplored and coated in puzzles.

There are a number of places that are too dangerous, too secure, or perhaps too special to see –even for the most experienced voyager. These areas have been completely cut off by the outside world.

Here are 10 Forbidden Destinations Around The World You Can Never Visit.

10. North Sentinel Island – India


Forbidden Destinations Around The World

This little, heavily forested island in the Bay of Bengal is completely surrounded by the coral reef, making it difficult to approach by ship. However, its inaccessibility isn’t the main barrier to a visit: North Sentinel Island is inhabited by a small indigenous population known as the Sentinelese, who’ve rejected contact with all other peoples — they’re one of the world’s last communities to remain untouched by modern culture.

In 2008, two fishermen whose boat unintentionally strayed too close were reportedly killed by the tribe. And in the aftermath of this massive 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting tsunami, research turbines analyzing the damage from the region were attacked from the Sentinelese, who shot arrows and threw stones as the aircraft flew over the coastline.




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