Foods You’re Not Washing But Should Be

There are many foods that we are used to eating without washing them first. But remember, washing food before you eat it is always a good idea, which is why we want to help you make sure you wash fruits and vegetables the right way.

Here are the foods you should wash, even if it is not something you have done in the past.



Avocado is one of the most popular fruits, it is creamy, tasty, nutritious and adapts to any type of dish. Although many people now use it regularly in the kitchen, not everyone knows that it needs to be washed thoroughly before being used to make certain recipes more delicious. The risk you run when you don’t? The food you eat may be contaminated with bacteria.

The reason is very simple, its peel is full of dirt and bacteria, which in some cases also contaminate the pulp, especially when the pulp is eaten without first washing the outside of the fruit.

To encourage the proliferation of bacteria would be the large number of people who touch these fruits with their bare hands to check if they are ripe enough. To avoid taking unnecessary risks it is, therefore, necessary to wash the avocado well, remove all the peel and then consume it.




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