Foods That Make You Feel Hungrier

In order to lose weight, but also and above all to eat better and healthier, we should focus on those foods that help our sense of satiety, i.e. those that make us feel fuller and thus prevent us from bingeing and overflowing when in reality our body is already satisfied.

However, there are also foods to avoid, namely, those that, on the contrary, increase our sense of hunger, do not make us feel full and consequently lead us to eat more and more. It is mainly foods full of sugar, but not only that. So let’s see together which foods to take out of our pantries to prevent them from inhibiting our sense of satiety.

Chewing gum


Many people chew gum just to stop hunger, but the effect is exactly the opposite.

Yes, because by chewing our brain is deceived, as is our stomach, which begins to produce gastric juices as if it were digesting something. But he waits for this something to digest, and, not finding it, what reaches the brain is a sudden sense of hunger.




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