8 Foods You Can Easily Grow At Home

Choosing foods that are easy to grow is fundamental for those who are new to gardening and only have a balcony where they can grow in pots. Don’t worry: home gardens are the “green” fashion of the moment. Cultivating aromas, vegetables and fruit with your own hands is a healthy activity for the body first of all because it allows us to consume healthy food, but also for the mood because it brings us closer to the environment allowing us to find that inner well-being that only contact with nature can give. And don’t forget the economic advantages of any longer having to buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket!

Where to start? The first step is to choose what to grow. Concentrate on vegetables suitable for small spaces, which do not require very deep soil and special exposure to sunlight. If you’re just starting out, choose fast-growing varieties that give you satisfaction, both aesthetically and visually, but above all in terms of harvesting. Click through the slides to see  8 Foods You Can Easily Grow In Your House Or Garden.

1. Strawberries


Strawberries give every aspiring grower a lot of satisfaction right from the begin. To grow luxuriant they need pots or containers, preferably single ones, at least 30/40 cm deep and about 20/30 cm wide.

Make sure as usual that they are well-drained and in 50/80 days after transplanting your strawberry seedlings will begin to produce the first fruits, continuing the fruit cycle for about 30 days.




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