What To Eat During A Heatwave: 10 Foods To Stay Hydrated

In summer it is possible to fight the heat at the table by consuming anti sultriness food: fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, white meat, fish, as well as plenty of water to hydrate the body. Here is what to eat to resist the heat!

In summer it is important to fight the hot weather and boiling temperatures by consuming fresh food that is both nutritious and light, the rule is: little protein and lots of water! Lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water, to be supplemented with smoothies and juices, in order to guarantee our body the right amount of vitamins and mineral salts and the right hydration. Instead, reduce the consumption of red meats, processed foods, sugary drinks and spirits that promote dehydration. So let’s find out how to fight the heat with food: all the muggy foods, to protect our organism and stay healthy all summer long.

Seasonal vegetables light and rich in water

The summer vegetables are fresh and light and contain lots of water. Ideally, it should be eaten raw to keep all its properties intact. In addition to eating a rich portion at meals, vegetables can also be a great hunger breaker. Here are the ones that cannot miss on your summer table.


A vegetable low in calories and rich in water, a source of mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C and carotenoids.




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