Summer Is Here: Foods To Help You Achieve A Perfect Tan

In order to obtain a quick and healthy tan, without risk to the skin, it is important to follow a proper diet, eating foods that promote tanning. It is not only important to apply the right sun creams, to show off a perfect complexion at the beach, but also to eat the right foods. We are talking about foods that, thanks to their nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals, facilitate tanning, as they stimulate the production of melanin and help to keep the skin elastic, also protecting our body from the summer heat.

From the inevitable carrots to tomatoes, as well as chicory, radicchio, apricots, melon, cherries, all typical foods of the summer season: to obtain excellent results, the advice is to start regularly consuming these foods pro tanning at least 30 days before exposure to the sun. But let’s find out more!



Carrots contain 1200 mg of vitamin A per 100 gr of product, so they are the top tanning food. They contain a higher percentage of beta-carotene than other foods, such as melon, apricots and pumpkin. It is an excellent ally for our summer diet also because they are rich in water and mineral salts, as well as being low-calorie.

Carrots are also ideal as a snack on the beach and are perfect in salads or as a side dish: in the latter case, eat them only with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to obtain a superfood for your tan.




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