Famous Animals Artists

Animals are valued for their many qualities. But animals have talents that people are unaware of. In particular, we are talking about creativity.

There are many animal artists in the world who create their own paintings. And this is a display of their inner and hidden from our world. It’s no wonder that such paintings are worth a lot. Let’s talk about the most famous artists in the animal world.
Unbelievable, but a fact: animals can earn thousands of dollars on their paintings!
Paintings painted by cats or dogs, or even chimpanzees, are in great demand among collectors. And large galleries are happy to hold exhibitions.
We present to your attention a dozen famous artists who draw with their paws.

Chimpanzee Congo


This is probably the most famous artist from the animal world. The price of his paintings ranges from $800 to $9,500 dollars. In 2005 at one of the auctions three of his paintings were sold for a total of 14,400 pounds sterling.

However, this his triumph himself did not catch, as he died in 1964 at the age of 10 years from tuberculosis. Fans of the talented chimpanzee included artists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.


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