Energizing And Healthy Drinks Alternatives To Coffee

There are those who do not digest it and those who do not love it, and then there are those who would like to reduce it, but can not do without it. In the coffee country, giving it up is not easy. Starting in the morning, coffee is often the most practical solution to the need to quickly reactivate the mind and body.

In fact, there are many healthy and even beneficial alternatives to coffee. But why choose alternative drinks? Caffeine can have positive effects on the body, but its abuse can also lead to negative consequences.

Among its most immediate side effects is, for example, insomnia. So here are natural alternatives to coffee, which will give you an energy boost without making you feel nostalgic for this drink.



Ginseng (150 calories per 100 grams) is the root of a perennial herbaceous plant, also called “man root”. It is native to China, Korea and the eastern regions of Russia. It is a natural remedy used both as an energizer and as an immune system stimulator. It improves central nervous system response, attention, reaction time and relieves fatigue.

It contains B vitamins and trace elements. It is used in natural therapies against chronic fatigue and erectile dysfunction. One cup of 20 ml ginseng infusion provides about 85 calories, 4.4 g fat, 6.5 g carbohydrates, 1.5 g protein.




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