Coronavirus, 10 Easy At-Home Workouts For Everyone

Among the measures taken by the countries most affected by the spread of coronavirus, there is also the closing of gyms. A decision that angered the most fanatic of sports and fitness and cheered those who were forced to do it by a monthly charge on their bank account.

But we have good news: in isolation, your home can be the perfect place to continue training or where to start doing it for those who always postpone their fateful gym registration until next Monday. With so much time available there are many activities that can be done and many exercises to keep you fit despite the appeal of the sofa and the long list of TV series.

Here are 10 Easy At-Home Workouts For Everyone. What do you need? You will need a fitness mat, or a common carpet, an elastic band, a sofa and lots of will.

1. Couch Push-up (10)


Men’s Health

Start with the pushups. Just turn your sofa into useful gym equipment. Place your hands on the sofa so that you have less weight off the arms. Place your hands at a distance from each other equal to the width of the shoulders or slightly wider.

Try to go down slowly and touch the sofa with your chest and then return to the starting position always trying to keep the pelvis retroversion.




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