18 Of The Best Destinations For Solo Travelers In Europe

There are all these myths and fears circulating around that it’s so scary and dull to journey all by your lonesome. It is in fact among the most gorgeous ways to get to know yourself and the world — exactly the way you desire. Travelling at your own pace you can definitely take in the best parts of a town, and when you are in your schedule, there is all the more reason to push yourself to go exploring.

Traversing the planet solo can be intimidating, but those trips I have taken alone are a number of the most life-changing. These were minutes of meeting new cultures, discovering gorgeous architecture, hidden alleyways and tiny book niches, and nights when I’ve made some of their best friends of my life. Although much of your time can be spent meditating on the significance of everything, actually diving deep into a museum, or maybe even bungee jumping off a bridge — whatever floats your boat is exactly what travel solo is all about.

Here are 18 Of The Best Destinations For Solo Travelers In Europe.

18. Dresden – Germany


History is in abundance in this magnificent metropolis in eastern Germany. The Baroque architecture is incredible and most certainly deserves a guided walking tour or any committed solo exploration.

Some must-sees include the Zwinger palace with exhibits and a superb garden, and the Dresden Frauenkirche, a church which was rebuilt in 2005 after its original destruction in WWII.

The remarkable buildings pop up everywhere you turn throughout the town, like the Semperoper opera house, Dresden Castle and Brühl’s Terrace, known as the”Balcony of Europe,” an elaborate screen overlooking the Elbe River.


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