12 Daily Habits You Should Stop Doing Right Now!

There are so many things we do almost every day even though we know they’re not the healthiest things to do.

Forgetting to wash your teeth before sleep? Definitely not a good thing to do. Not cover your mouth while sneezing? We are all guilty of forgetting that know and then. These are only the basic no-nos, but there are tons of everyday habits that are even more disgusting than you actually thought they were.

Let’s list 12 of these everyday habits and see why you should avoid them because we are sure almost everyone does these things on a daily base.

#1 Using Hand Dryers


You must be wondering why hand dryers are on this list. In fact, most people believe that using a hand dryer is the best way to dry their hands without being in contact with germs.

Well, this is totally false. According to recent studies, a hand dryer sends out from 40 to 60 colonies of bacteria when you use it! And just for your information, you are “only” exposed to 1 colony of bacteria while you use the toilet. So, our advice for the next time you visit a restroom is to avoid the contactless hand dryers.




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