10 Common Nightmares and Their Cause and Meaning

No doubt you’ve had a nightmare before. This is usually not a pleasant experience. Still, nightmares are a normal part of your dreams. Pleasant dreams are usually fueled by intense desires and ardent wishes. Nightmares, on the other hand, arise from feelings of excitement, stress and anxiety.

Nightmares, like pleasant dreams, should never be taken literally. The persons, objects and situations you “see” during a nightmare are just symbols of what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. It is important to find out the root cause of nightmares so that you know what your subconscious mind is doing and to calm your mind. Below is a list of ten common nightmares and their causes.

10. Drowning or Falling Deep


A terrifying nightmare in which you are drowning or in a deep fall: most people have experienced this before. Why does our subconscious mind indicate that we are drowning or taking a deep dive? You are probably under a lot of pressure in your daily life: for example a difficult assignment at work that has to be completed on time, a tense family situation, legal proceedings involving you and so on.

When your conscious mind experiences such pressure, express it from your subconscious mind by telling you that you are falling or drowning. If you often have such a nightmare, you will eventually realize that you are “just” dreaming. Some manage to tell themselves during such a “lucid dream” that they are not falling or drowning, but flying or swimming around.




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