Common Foods That Are Responsible For Almost All Food Allergies

More and more often we hear about allergies that are manifested in front of a certain food: these are so-called food allergies, which – unlike intolerances or hypersensitization – involve a real allergic reaction to ingestion or contact with certain food.

People often find themselves ingesting these foods without knowing the exact consequences that can cause food allergies or intolerances. Below are some of the most common oods That Are Responsible For Almost All Food Allergies.



This food causes allergies more often in children and the reaction usually disappears when they reach adolescence. Allergy appears when the egg is first introduced into the diet and is a reaction to the protein found mainly in the egg white, but also in the yolk.

The symptoms it causes are generally mild and include hives, nasal congestion, vomiting or other digestive problems. The more the egg is cooked or processed, the less likely it is to cause an allergic reaction.




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