Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters: Before-and-After Pics

Plastic surgery should be meant to enhance someone’s features, to make them feel better about their aspect.

But sometimes people can’t stop and go to far, leading to a negative effect. From a failed facelift to a botched Botox injection, Hollywood celebrities are not immune to plastic surgery disasters. For some of them, the results made them looking like a totally different person. Here is a look at some of the craziest plastic surgery disasters among celebrities.

Mickey Rourke


According to what he said, Rourke had surgeries done to his face to repair injuries he had suffered while he was an amateur boxer in the 1990s. But the results left him looking worse than before. Besides having his broken nose fixed using cartilage from his ear, he also allegedly had a facelift and implants placed in his chick bones and chin.

The actor himself has admitted that the surgeries didn’t go as expected, and also insists that he did it for medical reasons and not for cosmetics ones.




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