Top 16 Funniest Google Street View Pics

Funniest Street View Pics

It has been a few years since the Google Maps street opinion was unveiled, and since that time, plenty of shenanigans are seized and immortalized by one of the most popular online services on Earth. Today, we’re going to have some fun at the expense of the subjects of these photos that were captured at just the right moment. Below are the Top 16 Funniest Google Street View Pics. 1. Masked Pedestrians   There is definitely something unsettling about seeing people in the centre of the street wearing masks for…

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12 Everyday Gadgets Target For Hackers

Just when you thought it was safe to use your computer, hackers have figured out how to attack regular items. Your printer, your cellphone – even the blender on your kitchen – can be hacked and used against you. And at the not-too-distant long run, as the medical field makes improvements with machine-to-human interfaces, your body and mind could be in danger. Here are 12 regular items that are open to new attacks from offenders. 1. GPS   GPS uses orbiting satellites to route traffic. Hackers would have difficulty causing…

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FIFA 20 is out. How this videogame has changed over the years

Fifa changed years

End of September for videogame lovers means also “Fifa release”. From the first version, dated 1993, to the current one the evolution was incredible, especially in terms of graphics, not to mention all the options that have been added over the years. The players today are practically identical to the real ones in all, including movements and celebrations. But that’s not all: the Fifa video game, from 1993 to the present, has changed a lot. Below how FIFA has changed over the years. FIFA 19   FIFA 19 introduced the…

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iPhone 11: All You Need To Know!

iphone 11

Apple just launched the iPhone 11, here you can find all you need to know about its new baby! The iPhone 11 is basically a successor to the iPhone XR, with a few new upgrades; the most relevant is about the two cameras on the back of the phone rather than just one. According to Apple, with this new feature, you will get the highest quality photos and videos ever. But let’s discover more in-depth the new iPhone 11! Cameras   The new dual-camera system allows you to take not…

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15 Mobile Phones That Made History. Which of These Did You Own?

Mobile Phones That Made History

It is said that Apple changed the concept of mobile phone in 2007 when it introduced the first iPhone. At least in part, it’s true, if only because before the iPhone nobody thought that phone without a physical keyboard could work; but we will see that even in this case it was an absolute first time. But Apple didn’t invent it all. Rather, the iPhone was an evolution, an unexpected turning point in a product category that already had a rather intense history. Nobody expected the backlash of Apple, indeed…

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