The 10 Best Tips for Your Spooky Halloween Party

Tips For Halloween Party

Halloween is quickly approaching and we are ready to give you some tips. If you throwing a Halloween Party this year and you want to impress your friends with crazy food and decorations, well, you are in the right place. We have loads of ideas for terrifyingly tasty snacks and spooky decorations, that will make your party unforgettable. Below, you’ll find 10 ideas to give you major inspiration for your Halloween Party. Eerie Eyeball Pops These spooky chocolate cake balls are super easy to make and will be a hit…

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10 Unique Halloween Costumes For Women in 2019

Halloween Costumes For Women

Halloween is around the corner, so yes, it is again that time of the year where you desperately start looking for a unique Halloween custom. We know how difficult it is to choose a scary Halloween custom and still look breath-taking.  We did some digging and created for you a list of the 10 best Halloween customs, so that you don’t have to worry! 1. Morticia Addams   What is better than dressing up as a member of the Adams family for Halloween? The Morticia Adams custom is a classic…

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10 Popular Halloween Costumes For Men In 2019

Popular Halloween Costumes For Men

Halloween is the one time of year where adults and children alike can come together and dress up like the hooligans most of us want to be. The one problem is, what if you be? The stress and required work often contribute to guys just throwing up their hands and saying, “Pass.” Well, that does not have to happen. All it takes to have a passion costume for Halloween is a little bit of forethought, a creative imagination, and the right pop culture reference. And if you’re not up for…

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