10 Kind Of Instagram Photos Celebrities Use Most

Instagram Photos Celebrities Overdo

Instagram is fantastic, isn’t it? A perfect platform for artists to show their craft, for influencers to remind us that they exist and individuals with fascinating hobbies to reveal the way they can do what they love. Regrettably, Instagram has been invaded. Invaded by the evilest type, the kind that blows up the clicks and kisses of this Instagram community only with their simple presence –we are talking about celebrities. They post daily a lot of pics. Here are the 10 Kind Of Instagram Photos Celebrities Overdo. 10. Luxury Hotel Room…

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How to Build a Secret Underground Home with Primitive Tools

This insane video shows two men who digged a swimming pool and build a secret underground home using only primitive tools. The remarkable structure was built in just two weeks by some men from Cambodia. Through their YouTube channel they showcase their talent and they hope to show how primitive tools can be used for impressive structures. Building a swimming pool is no mean feat, and especially not something you would exepct to take only two weeks to complete. These two men’s job is so remarkable, because they managed to…

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The Best Countries to Retire To

Best Countries to Retire

Retiring is a thing we all need to think about and for many is just around the corner and whit it comes many questions. One of the questions that have become more popular over the years is the one determining whether to retire in the US or retire abroad. According to the Social Security Administration, over 500,000 people are living outside the US and are getting Social Security benefits. So it is certainly possible to retire abroad. But the real question here is: where do you want to go? We…

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10 Vegan Celebrities Raising Their Kids Vegan

Celebrities Raising Kids Vegan

Veganism is a growing trend. Considered the number of people converting to veganism, we could anticipate more and more parents will begin to raise their children vegan as a baby. There’s no doubt that Hollywood is always at the forefront of hot tendencies and movements, and there are a few celebrities which have been raising vegan kids for years. Below are the 10 Vegan Celebrities Raising Their Kids Vegan. 1. Madonna   Madonna is a worldwide icon in both film and music. This Queen of Pop is the mom of…

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10 Golden Rule Celebrity Chef Recommend To Have Success

Rule Celebrity Chef Recommend

Behind the popularity of Celebrity chefs, there is a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, and intelligent business decisions. Because of this, their names became a strong and lucrative brand. The majority of them have an empire with accredited goods, cooking books, and restaurant chains. They all invest their money in high-quality products and are always studying. Those chefs are also natural leaders who will motivate and choose outstanding people to work for them. Some of the rules they followed to become successful may be followed by anyone, even…

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10 Things You Need To Know About Joker

Things To Know Joker

Joker had great success. Joaquin Phoenix is the man tasked with bringing Joker to life once again, following on from the likes of Heath Ledger and Jared Leto in more recent times. The movie is going to for the first time, take us into the backstory of the clown Prince of Crime’ since Phoenix plays the role of Arthur Fleck, a distressed and failing comedian who inevitably descends into the darkness to become Batman’s arch-nemesis. Director Todd Phillips will be hoping to take cinema-goers on a trip into the personality…

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10 Negative Effects Caused By Social Media

Negative Effects Social Media

If you can’t imagine your life without sociable media, that is an indication that you’ve fallen a victim to the evil power and influence of social media. Do not pretend you have never heard of them. While social media can have a favourable effect also, that does not mean it’s all hearts and flowers. Regrettably. How Social Media Is Bad for You? Let’s explore the darker side of social media and precisely how (and why) it is bad for you. You will be surprised to learn the unwanted effects of…

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Most Hilarious Photos Ever Taken at Airports

Hilarious Photos at Airports

The airport is the place where adventures begin and end. But it is also a place where people can witness some of the strangest and funniest moments ever caught on camera. This list has some of the best pictures ever taken at airports, and they will make you cry laughing. The airport is considered to be the only place where you are allowed to walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep on the benches and no one will judge you. Actually, no one will…

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“Instagram Vs. Reality”: 15 Photos That Prove Everything is a Lie

"Instagram Vs. Reality": 15 Photos That Prove Everything is a Lie

We all know that Instagram is only a fiction of what our life really is, what we share on it is an idealized version of ourselves, cherry-picking only the best pictures, thoughts and experiences. But sometimes this concept is taken to the extreme, especially by celebrities. They bombard their followers with photoshopped images that are so far from reality that make people doubt about the authenticity of their bodies and features. The problem is that seeing these images will lead people to strive for unrealistic bodies or perfect skins at…

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20 Best Deleted Meghan Markle Instagram Snaps

Meghan Marle Instagram Snapsps

It was not so long ago that the Duchess of Sussex was just the normal Meghan Markle from California. Before she was married to the most famous red-headed royal, Meghan had a totally different life as a UN ambassador for women, a leading actress on Suits, and a lifestyle blogger. She loved to share snaps of her colourful life on the gram. But when things started to get more serious with Prince Harry, Meghan decided to close all her social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Following this big decision,…

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