9 Ways to Efficiently Clean Up Your Home

Are you bound to home in the coming weeks because of the coronavirus? You’re not the only one. And let this be the perfect moment to give your house a good clean up. With these tips, you will hopefully get a boost, so that you really get motivated to clean up your home. 9. Decide what goal you want to achieve with your cleaning session   The real goal, according to Marie Kondo (organizing consultant), is to determine which lifestyle you want to maintain once your home is in order.…

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The 10 Best Tips for Your Spooky Halloween Party

Tips For Halloween Party

Halloween is quickly approaching and we are ready to give you some tips. If you throwing a Halloween Party this year and you want to impress your friends with crazy food and decorations, well, you are in the right place. We have loads of ideas for terrifyingly tasty snacks and spooky decorations, that will make your party unforgettable. Below, you’ll find 10 ideas to give you major inspiration for your Halloween Party. Eerie Eyeball Pops These spooky chocolate cake balls are super easy to make and will be a hit…

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26 Brilliant Ideas to Recycle Objects You Don’t Use Anymore!

Ideas to recycle objects

According to the United Nations figures we are producing 2.01 billion tons of waste every single year, and the figures are going up! Here you can find some creative recycling projects you can do at home and you will be saving the planet. You will have a lot of fun creating new objects, and even more, if you involve your kids and family in it. Also, you will save money and do good for the environment. This article provides many ideas on how to make creative things from waste material…

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5 tips to bring harmony to your home décor

home décor

Interior decoration, what does this mean? Who wouldn’t want a warm house with a unique and beautiful home décor? But it’s not as simple as it seems. Even if you feel like you have a decorator side, you have to face the facts: a successful design requires more than knowing how to choose a beautiful chair, a designer sofa or a paint colour for the living room wall. Just copying ideas from Pinterest is useless when we don’t know how to achieve that elusive ‘look’ we’ve been longing for. The…

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Turn your kitchen into a place of meditative serenity


It seems to be more important than ever to create a lifestyle that promotes well-being, and starting from one of the busiest rooms in your home is certainly not a bad idea. Above all, the kitchen is a hive of activity, but while kitchens support a variety of different functions in the household, they have a tendency to become disorganised and chaotic if left unmanaged. Colours The modest use of energetic, bright yellows is ideal for kitchens, but pale, muted colours will help to make sure your mind is kept…

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Bathroom update – warmth meets modernity


By changing just a few fixtures and design elements, you can have the bathroom you’ve always desired Decoration A white bathroom can sometimes resemble the coldness of a laboratory, so including tiles with your favourite pattern can really lend the room a sense of homeliness and warmth. Patterned tiles aren’t just functional as a waterproof surface, but also draw the eye by giving a certain level of artistic interest – moreover, they are probably the most practical way of adding colour and texture to a bland bathroom. Try adding muted…

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How to change your old doorknob for a trendy new replacement


This short guide will show you how to customise all your doorknobs and handles in no time at all  Do you wish your doors could have a bit more personality? Doors can be expensive to change, so what can be done? By just changing the door handle or knob, you can add some homely sparkle to each entrance of a room, or even to your cupboards, jewellery boxes… simply anything with a door! It costs very little, and can be a fast and fun DIY project to get your hands around –…

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